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ADD:NO.288 West Shengshan Road, Shengshan Town, Cixi City, Zhejiang.


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Timing belt drive,has accurate transmission ratio ; without slip .It may obtain constant speed ratio ,absorb vibration . Its of stable transmission ; low noise ; large transmission ratio scope . Its compact structure is also suitable for multiaxle drive . Its of small tension and non-pollution . It needs no lubrication . Therefore it may work normally under occasions which don’t allow pollution and has awful working environment . Its widely applied in tobacco , textile , chemical & light industry , mine , petroleum , machine tool etc mechanical device drive arrangements .

This company is “Huixin” timing belt has merits such as superior antibent function , small elongation , high strength ; etc . It also has fine performances such as oil ; heat ; ageing ;ozone ; crack resistance etc . In order to guarantee good quality of timing belt series products its main raw materials (e . g . backbone material , rubber etc)have been designated to purchase from overseas specialized leading manufactur-ers .The products performance completely conforms to or surpasses the technical demands stipulated by international standards , national standards and advanced foreign standards .

At present this company has over 30 timing belt models . More than two thousands specifications and also manufactures auxiliary pulley . It can fully satisfy customers design & use requirements . It may also design & manufacture timing belts with special requirements.


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